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You can be congratulated – after the end of the educational process you will be a specialist in the field of business. After all, did you choose this program for this? It does not matter how you intend to apply your knowledge afterwards. You can become a consultant in business matters, an analyst, you can open your company and do business that you have long dreamed of. But before all this will happen, you must get the necessary foundation of knowledge. And for successful completion of an educational institution, from time to time you need to write research papers that, if it is not properly organized, can spoil your entire student life. By the way, you can always order paper on

Research is an experience of student's independent work. It is relevant for all students, not only MBA ones. The study of the algorithm of writing a work is not only an interesting and cognitive process, but also work that allows you to determine the possibility of the creativity manifestation in writing and design. In the course of studying this issue, it becomes clear that design of a research work cannot deviate from generally accepted rules, and creative approach is welcomed within reasonable limits, in the case of the first experience of writing such type of paper. Also, work on this topic allows you to learn how to use additional literature and systematize selected material.

Why is it not recommended to deviate from rules and regulations? Everything is very simple. We are talking about a specific work, which involves conducting a specific study. There are certain algorithms and a sequence of steps that must be used to ensure that your paper is classified as a research work. This is not an essay on a free subject and you will not be able to apply all your imagination. You must adhere to a specific structure, but do not turn a paper into a stream of consciousness. Otherwise, a professor may misunderstand your undoubtedly positive aspirations and reward you with a low grade.

In this case, you will certainly be offended, withdraw into yourself and it is unlikely that later you will write similar works with zeal. Most likely, you will simply take other people's materials, combine them and provide a result to a professor with the intention to quickly get rid of this boring task. But we want to become professionals in business. This approach does not lead to anything good.

In order for you to be interested in writing, your topic should be fascinating for you. Here is a list of topics that can later become your paper:

  • Top managers and investors. How to avoid financial misunderstandings;
  • The role of banks in the economy of the country. Comparative analysis;
  • Models of pricing in various enterprises;
  • Rivalry or integration. Advantages and disadvantages;
  • Impact of dynamic financing systems on the state of the enterprise.

The choice of a research topic is determined by subjects of courses studied, research interests of a student, and his or her prospective specialization in the future. A topic can be subsequently deployed to a project.

A Few Basic Rules

Your work should demonstrate:

  • Sufficient theoretical knowledge on a particular subject. If you do not know anything about investing and are not very interested in filling this gap in your knowledge, then you do not need to take a similar topic. You will spend too much time learning it from scratch while working with a known theme will be an ideal option;
  • Ability to work with scientific, educational and reference literature. Be sure, your professor will pay special attention to this point. Therefore, it is better to familiarize yourself in advance with all necessary design rules in order to avoid wasting time while writing paper;
  • Mastering skills of research work. This concerns exactly those rules and algorithms, which we have mentioned above. You need to know what the correct structure of such a paper is, where to start, how to develop a topic, where to describe a practical example and what should be in a conclusion;
  • Ability to generalize and systematize material on a selected topic. If you think that the Internet or the same library is a clear structure of alphabetically arranged data, clear and numbered, then you are in for a cruel disappointment. Information fills a space with chaotic streams, it lives its own life, does not depend on anyone, and changes daily innumerable number of times. You need to independently learn how to choose exactly what you need, to systematize this and demonstrate it in your work. This sounds pretty simple, but in fact, many are already lost at this step;
  • Ability to formulate scientific apparatus of work. You must not forget what the purpose of your work is. It should disclose a certain topic, answer a question while not stopping to comply with rules, norms and standards for one minute;
  • Ability to logically and competently present the material. You can be skeptical about this point, but not all are able to correctly express their thoughts, even with good material. A good option would be to read some parts of your paper to independent experts who are not interested in lying or flattering you. So you can understand in which direction you need to move so that your written presentation is clear and correct.


Thus, we can say that a properly selected topic, precisely timed terms, fulfillment of all principles of writing research will facilitate this process. And at the same time, it will ensure the achievement of high results, will allow a student, who will act as a researcher and a critic in this case, to rise to a higher level in his or her professional sphere of activity.

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